Breville JE98XL Juicer Review

Seen the documentary Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead?

If not, do! You can watch it on YouTube.

In summary, it’s about a man named Joe Cross who undergoes a 60-day fast drinking nothing but fresh fruit and vegetable juice and water. His goal was more about regaining his health and eliminating his body of a skin disease called chronic urticaria and not just for weight loss. His journey and the journey of the other man, Phil, featured in the documentary is one of courage and determination.

What are the benefits of juicing? You’re taking the same amount of nutrition (minus the fiber content) from a certain amount of fruits and vegetables and putting it in the form of a drink. Imagine eating four tomatoes, two cucumbers, a bunch of kale, a bunch of Swiss chard, and some spinach for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Even if you’re extremely hungry, eating that much food will be impossible after the first meal! Juicing allows you to take all the nutrients you’d get from eating those foods without stuffing yourself.

Dr. Robert Young on the Importance of Juicing


After using the Breville BJE200XL juicer for a couple of months, which was featured and given away in a previous post, my family and I opted for the next model up, the Breville JE98XL. Although the BJE200XL is an all-around excellent juicer and served our needs very well, we needed a more versatile machine and the JE98XL offered just what we need… for now anyway :p In addition, I think this is the same model (although with a different style juice jug) Joe used in the film.

Juicer 1The Breville JE98XL features:
2 speed settings instead of 1: 12,000RPM and 6,500RPM
Higher power at 850 watts
A larger container to hold pulp
A larger 1-liter juice jug with froth separator (we prefer to drink the froth)

Like the BJE200XL machine, this centrifugal juicer still features a wide 3″ feed hole and a stainless steel micro-mesh filter. The added bonus is the low speed setting of 6,500RPM which works perfectly with softer fruits. With the other model, we found dropping in mandarins (we juice entire fruit with skin on), lemons, cantaloupe, and other softer fruits would splash up juice as soon as it hit the spinning filter down the chute. The lower setting also works so much better with leafy greens, such as spinach, kale, and chard. When juicing those, it’s a good idea to compress it as much as possible when putting it down the chute. Putting them in loosely results in more un-grinded vegetable.

Fully disassembled, the juicer is composed of only 5 parts plus the main base. Like all juicers, there is a bit of extra maintenance in keeping the parts clean. For starters, the mesh filter must always be cleaned. Now, in our household, I juice about 2-3 times daily, depending on our schedule, so I won’t wash until the end of the day when I know I’m completely done with juicing. I can’t imagine having to wash this thing 3 times everyday!

Every week or so, I’ll soak the main top compartment in vinegar to make it easier to clean off the residue. The spout where the juice is ejected has to be soaked in vinegar also and cleaned out with a cotton swab because gunk accumulates easily there!

FilterAt day’s end, I find that some of the pulp may be dry and will need to be soaked a little to clean off. The mesh filter (shown at left) will need to be soaked a tad bit longer to soften the pulp. The juicer comes with a sturdy cleaning brush tool to remove the pulp. Sponges won’t work!

Since we started juicing, we’ve felt more energized and more alert. The juice is surprisingly filling, too, and I can go until mid-afternoon without eating solid food. My sleep has improved, and I’m less groggy when I wake up in the morning. You can check out my juice recipes post for a list of what we drink the most.

A note for those who wish to juice for weight loss: juicing gives you the nutritional jump start your body needs to drop weight quickly, but the loss will not stick unless you make permanent lifestyle changes in order to keep the excess baggage off. No dieter was ever successful with permanent weight loss if their pre-diet/regular eating habits were resumed after completing a diet regimen.

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