iTouchless Deodorizer Trash Can Review

I like the look of stainless steel trash cans and since my current trash can was one of those plastic ones that used to have the swiveling lid on it (the lid has mysteriously vanished), I decided it was time for an upgrade.  I tend to be picky about what I upgrade to when it’s time to, so I poked around online for a while until I found a suitable stainless steel replacement.  That’s when I found the iTouchless trash can.

What’s the upside to having a stainless steel trash can that opens and closes for you besides just that?  Well… there isn’t really one.  But that one thing by itself is enough to warrant the price, especially if you cook at home on a regular basis.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t like having to wash my hands several times during the cooking process because I’m constantly having to put things in the trash.

This particular model opens and closes silently, runs on four “D” size batteries, and grips the trash bag tightly so it doesn’t fall to the bottom of the can.

If you win the giveaway below, you can have this convenience, too.  Contest begins 11/20/12 and ends 12/4/12 and is open to residents of the US only.

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