Cuisinart Griddler Review

This griddle by Cuisinart is one of the best that I’ve seen in a while.  My husband likes to make a lot of sandwiches and burgers, so I made this purchase specifically for him.  He’s pretty pleased with it, especially since the griddle temperature can be turned from 200 degrees to 425 degrees Fahrenheit easily.

The coolest thing about this particular griddle is the fact that you can flip the top of it all the way open and use half as a griddle and half as a grill!  A pretty neat feature, if I don’t say so myself. :-p  And one that I’ve honestly not seen before.

Something else pretty cool about this is that you can purchase waffle plates for it, also, so you can make waffles with it, too! :D

This contest begins 11/20/12 and ends 12/4/12 and is open to residents of the US only.

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