Hamilton Beach Two Way Coffee Maker & Joco Cup Review

Making 12 cups of coffee at one time is great if you’re having other people over to help you drink it, but when you’re not, sometimes a single cup before you rush out the door for work is just enough.  Most coffee makers, though, don’t give you the convenience of just brewing a single cup.  The Two Way Brewer from Hamilton Beach, however, gives you both!


  • Brew a single cup or a pot, your choice
  • Uses ground coffee
  • Brew strength function for bold or regular coffee
  • Single serve side holds ground coffee or pre-packaged soft pods
  • Programmable with 2 hour auto shutoff
  • Program up to 24 hours before
  • Includes 14-oz. stainless steel travel mug with lid

Dare I say that the Joco cup can serve as a decent replacement for the 14-oz. stainless steel travel mug the unit comes with and I’ll explain to you why!

The cup is made from glass and has a removable, washable, thermal silicone sleeve that fits around it to keep your coffee toasty, but not your fingers.

The cyclonic base of the inside of the cup draws sugar and anything else you add to your coffee to the center of the brew, instead of letting it sit at the bottom like it does in normal cups.  It causes the ingredients to dissolve into your coffee much easier than it would in that other cup.

The lid of the Joco is uniquely shaped to avoid bumping your nose against the center of it when you take a drink.  No more end-of-the-nose coffee stains.  It’s also splash safe, so you won’t have to worry about wearing your coffee in the morning.

The Joco cup is available in black, white, teal, brown, orange, blue, and red.  Winner of the contest gets to pick which!

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